Incentives and Rewards


How do we promote and celebrate good attendance in school? 

Roby Park Primary School pupils thoroughly enjoy taking part in the Knowsley Medal Scheme Attendance Challenge. Schools are encouraged to award a bronze badge on the last day of the Autumn term for all those pupils with 100% school attendance. Pupils will progress to receiving a silver badge at the end of the Spring term if they continue their unbroken record and a Gold medal at the end of the Summer term. All badges/medals are of a good quality, boxed and distinctly marked. The bronze and silver badges have a butterfly clutch pin fitting and the gold medal will be intended as a keepsake. Staff from the School Attendance Service agree with schools the numbers required on the last week of each term and arrange delivery to school.

School holds a termly attendance prize giving assembly where we celebrate attendance and punctuality with our parents and carers. We celebrate those pupils with 100% attendance, the class with the best termly attendance, the most improved attender that term, we have a family golden ticket for those families whose child has 100% attendance who win biscuits and a supermarket voucher, the class with the best punctuality for the term receives a reward and children who earn attendance between 95-99% for the term receive special recognition and receive a letter home in the post from Mr Hatton congratulating them .

We decided after the roaring successes of the medal scheme that we would hold our own school based attendance challenge across the Summer Term. Our School Councillors decided on the name and theme of the challenge which meant that 2 lucky winners would each win a brand new bike and helmet – one winner was chosen from Early Years and Key Stage 1 and one winner was chosen from Key Stage 2. The aim of the competition was to promote full class attendance across the 40 day challenge. Mr Hatton and Mrs South selected 10 random flash days where if a class had all of its pupils in – they were awarded a raffle ticket to enter into the prize draw. No-one knew when the flash days would be and we did see an improvement in our attendance in the Summer Term compared to the previous year. We were joined by the ‘Attendance Hero’ in a very special assembly to draw the winners and our winners were:

EYFS/KS1: Nel (Y1)       KS2: Emily (Y6)

Both girls were taken to choose a brand new bike and helmet of their choice!

  Our new half termly attendance incentive has been launched in Autumn 2016. The class with the best attendance for each half term will be rewarded with a Pizza Party on the last day of each half term. The children will be asked what pizza toppings they would like to eat by Mr Hatton or Mrs South and drinks and nibbles will also be provided as part of the celebration.  The aim is to provide short term incentives to help improve attendance figures and the introduction of the Pizza Party has proven very popular so far!